Homo sum: humani nil
a me alienum puto

​Do you understand the most important Thing controlling your life?​​

​I taught my first undergraduate course when I was still a graduate student at New York University.  As I was frantically putting together my first ever syllabus for a thirteen-week course, a daunting if gratifying task, one of my good friends asked me what my class was going to be about.  
“Globalization,” I replied in a faux-casual tone of voice because I was both very excited and very anxious about teaching my first ever course to a group of some very, very smart undergrads.  (I used to dress up to the nines so that I would look older than my years and my students wouldn’t suspect I had never taught before).  “Globalization which, you know, is basically capitalism on steroids.  I am going to teach about the ideologies of capitalism.”
My friend looked slightly confused, “But capitalism is not an ideology.  It’s just a system based on man’s base nature, self-interest.”
My friend went to Harvard, he is bilingual, intelligent, well-travelled and as kind as he is knowledgeable.
“That is an ideology,” I said to him. “The idea that man’s base nature is self-interest is one of the most powerful ideologies of our time, precisely because it is invisible.  We can’t even see it as an ideology, we assume it to be the natural state of the world.”
I am sure I did not say all of this with that degree of clarity or articulateness that evening in Brooklyn but it was a seminal moment for me. 

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Buddhism in Wonder Woman...

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