Melissa Tandiwe Myambo is an author, academic

and aerobics instructor.

Essay of the Month

Back to school in a general climate of app-crazy anti-intellectualism and reality TV role models

Homo sum: humani nil
a me alienum puto

  When I complimented one of the most intelligent students in my grad school on his super-size  

  brain, he replied sardonically, “Well, if I were really all that clever, I wouldn’t be here,would I?”


  I was confused.  Isn’t graduate school the place where intelligent people come to hone their 

  brains and sharpen their critical literacy skills into a lean mean thinking machine just as athletes

  head to the field to train their muscles and improve their reaction times?  


  Now he looked at me with profound pity.  “You have it ass-backwards.  Smart people don’t go to

  school.  They drop out of school and become billionaires.  Like Bill Gates."