Homo sum: humani nil
a me alienum puto

My dearest,

I am writing this for you because I fear that you will never make it here even though I have wanted to show you this place for so long. I want you to see Brooklyn. Well, I can’t really show you the whole of Brooklyn. It’s a very big borough after all. I want you to see my Brooklyn, three zipcodes - 11217, 11215, 11238 - near Prospect Park where I have lived many days. At least, the sunny days of summertime...Will you follow me on a walk around the neighborhood?​

Salute to Summertime Brooklyn: 11238, 11215, 11217 


Buddhism in Wonder Woman...

and the birds, the bees, the flowers, the trees, the moon and the stars

                                an offering by Cuppedhands.net​​


Yes, thanks for your sarcastic messages.  I am well aware that summer in the Northern Hemisphere is over (alas!) and thus this essay is out of date.  But I am swamped, so dreadfully, non-stop, stressed-busy at the moment.  However, a new essay will be coming out on or before 27 October.  Meanwhile, read the archives and...Prepare your minds for: 

"Mind Full Entertainment, or, the Media-Infotainment Complex, or, Random Notes on

Watching TV and Reading Literature in the Age of the Attenuated Attention Span"

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