Homo sum: humani nil
a me alienum puto

Britain’s game-changing, paradigm-shifting decision this week to exit the European Union teaches us a great deal about globalization.  Here are just a few take-aways:

Fracture and Fragmentation: Is there any such thing as Britain or is it just a bunch of Cultural Time Zones?

People commonly think of Britain as consisting of Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England.  This is true but only to an extent. 

Instead of thinking about Britain as a cluster of four countries or macro-spaces, it is far more illuminating to analyze Britain as a constellation of micro-spaces or Cultural Time Zones (CTZs).  Globalization has fractured the unitary macro-space of the nation and splintered it into multiple CTZs which are culturally, politically and economically divided. This became perfectly obvious when looking at the referendum results.

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