Homo sum: humani nil
a me alienum puto

Dear Republicans…a love letter 

                   from the planet Realitatem

Essay of the Month

Okay, Guys, it’s been grand.  We’ve had a lot of fun!  He’s so brash, that never bashful braggadocio.  We love him too.  His contempt for political correctness or even common courtesy has been yoogely entertaining.  His universe is so beguiling.  There are only winners and losers, smart people and stoopid people.  His uncle, a very smart guy, was a professor at MIT and he’s inherited those genes so he knows science and in his world, there is no climate change, only good weather and the sun always shines for him. 
We just have one itty bitty, teeny tiny problem with him.

No, he’s not a loser.  That’s not it.  He’s a winner despite his hairstyle.  He has beaten the odds – not an easy feat since his father was just a millionaire but hey, he’s a self-made billionaire.  All he wants is for America to be a winner too!
Yes, the Donald of Trumped-up Self-Importance with his ego more infinite than all the galaxies in Star Wars wants to make America great again.



Melissa Tandiwe Myambo is an author, academic

and aerobics instructor.