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a me alienum puto

Today 9 November, 2016: Tragedy


Donald Trump has offended most of the world and insulted half of America.  But he has enchanted the other half.  Now, the world is a much scarier place for everyone who is not white, male, Christian, a non-journalist, a non-bully, a non-progressive and a non-intellectual…First, I will jump out the window.  If I survive that, I will write a full analysis/eulogy for America and the American-dominated world right here in the coming hours.

                                   Eulogy for Obamaism circa 2008, America 2016

                                                    Melissa Tandiwe Myambo

1.  This is a very painful essay for me to write.  When I say painful, I mean it quite literally.  I feel physical pain.  This is not the essay I thought I would be writing after seventeen months of the ugliest campaign America has ever seen.  Don’t get me wrong.  I never believed the polls either.  How could they be that unwaveringly sure of a Clinton victory?  So I am not surprised by Donald Trump’s hideous victory but I am shattered.
My ligaments have peeled away from my joints, my bones are splintering through my muscles.  It also pains me to admit that if Hillary Rodham Clinton had won, some millions of people would be feeling exactly as I feel now except in reverse.
I know this intellectually but in my current state it is hard for me to fully recognize this…fact.  So after I finish writing this essay, I will retreat into my own universe of make-believe the way Donald J. Trump does.  His fact-allergic campaign has made it this far apparently so why can’t I do the same?

2.  Or perhaps I should whip up some conspiracy theories a la Donald?  Did Russia in fact hack the election?  How is it the polls were so wrong?

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