Homo sum: humani nil
a me alienum puto

Please find me at The Bourgeois Marxist which features opinionated opinions on UK/US cultural and electoral politics from moi, a very bourgeois Marxist. I am a pro-union global citizen = Champagne for all! (Unfortunately, I don't drink). Democracy, capitalism, Big Money in Politics, tech, stock market shenanigans are some of the topics I cover there.

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The Bourgeois Marxist is opinions, hopefully informed, analytical, theoretical, nuanced and not too comical. Although I am normally hilarious, the subject matter is sober so if you don’t find anything to laugh about, not my fault :)

My focus will principally but not always be on UK/US cultural and electoral politics. Sometimes I might branch out to discuss what Succession and The Wire have in common or an amazing tennis match or some breathtaking poetry (insch’Allah not AI-generated) but you will mainly find here, not-hilarious reflections on:

Corruption; social media manipulation; inequality; the exponential rise of the con artist (Elizabeth Holmes, Sam Bankman-Fried etc.); migration and xenophobia; Dark Money in Politics; technology; the gig economy; precariousness; stock market shenanigans; ethics; the neoliberal destruction of the middle class; union-busting; human rights; democracy; CAPITALISM...These are some of the areas I will opine upon from my particular POV as a very bourgeois Marxist with aspirations to see a more just world.

As a longtime student of globalization who grew up in a former British colony, the UK’s self-defeating 2016 Brexit vote invoked both schadenfreude and shock. The ensuing Westminster dramas both titillate and appall me.

Watching the UK withdraw from the EU customs union and the single market, I once said something like Brexiteers declaring Brexit was going to be good for Britain was akin to watching a runner cut off her own right leg as she loudly declared that she was going to win a marathon.

Like the UK, the US has also adopted several democracy -wounding policies to the point where it is more plutocracy than anything else. Severe income inequality and precariousness are partially to blame for the rise of racist, misogynistic, xenophobic faux-populists. The Far Right and authoritarianism are certainly “en marche” everywhere.

As a Pisces, I really prefer to log out of reality as much as possible but herewith, my periodic attempts at assessing the (sur)reality of the British-American post-factual political farce and its global consequences…

Hope to see you there!