Homo sum: humani nil
a me alienum puto

{Parenthesis}, an electronic chapbook to raise money for various charities, contains stories about people on the move

including her 2012 Caine Prize-shortlisted story, 

La Salle de Départ,                       and, The Air Train, Parenthesis and Safari.

 Selected Short Stories

-  "Jessica Ramirez goes to the Johannesburg Solstice Critical Theory
   Workshop at the Institute of Critical Reasoning" (forthcoming)

-  "North-South Jet Lag," Moving On and other Zimbabwean stories

- “In Flight,” The Write Place at the Write Time

-  “Take-off, Victorious,”  Saraba Magazine Manuscript Project

-  “Special Meal,”  Wasafiri
-  “Blood Guilt,”  A Memory this Size and other stories/Kwani  


             Jacaranda Journals, a collection of short stories set in Zimbabwe.


 Paperback now available here

   Selected Scholarly Articles 

-  "Introduction" (co-editor) to Special Issue of New Global Studies, Borders: 30 Years after the Fall of the Berlin Wall. (forthcoming)

-   “Defining Global Hipsterification: Cultural Time Zones of hipster-led gentrification in New York, New Delhi and Johannesburg." Hipster Culture: A Reader, Ed. Heike Steinhoff. (in progress)

​-  “Notes on the Spatial Politics of Chick Lit in Africa and Asia: Sidestepping Tradition and Fem-washing Global Capitalism?” Feminist Theory. (forthcoming)

-  "Class Identity, Xenophobia and Xenophilia: Migrant Experience in South Africa’s Diverse Cultural Time Zones." Handbook of African Philosophy of Difference: The Othering of the Other, Ed. Elvis Imafidon. Geneva: Springer Nature, 2019.

-  “Bloody Diaspora Theory for the 21st Century: African and Asian Heritage Migrants Return.” Diaspora, Volume 20, Issue 2, published April, 2019, pp. 123-144.

​-  Frontier Heritage Migrants: Finding Home in Globalizing India." 
Migration and Diasporas: An Interdisciplinary Journal. Vol 1, No. 1, January- June 2018. 82-99.

​​-  "Africa's Global City?" New Left Review 108, November - December, 2017.

Public Culture, May, 2017, Volume 29, Number 2 82: 261-285.

-  "Imagining a Dialectical African Modernity: Achebe's  Ontological Hopes, Sembene's Machines, Mda's Epistemological Redness."
Journal of Contemporary African Studies, Volume 32, 2014 - Issue 4, special issue on "Writers and Social Thought."   
Republished in Writers and Social Thought in Africa, Ed. Wale Adebanwi.  London: Routledge, 2016.
-  “Indian Ocean Cosmopolitanism?: M.G. Vassanji’s Hybrid Parables of Kenyan Nationalism.”  Diaspora 16, 1/2 Spring/Fall, published 2012, 159-189.  

-  “Anti-Colonial to Anti-Globalization Nationalism:  Pepetela’s Angolanidade.” New Global Studies 5:1 (April, 2011).
-  “The Limits of Rainbow Nation Multiculturalism in Post-Apartheid South Africa: Spatial Configuration in Zakes Mda’s Ways of Dying and Jonathan Morgan’s Finding Mr. Madini.” Research in African Literatures 41:2 (Summer 2010), 93-120.  

Book Manuscripts in progress:

The American Dream Abroad: 
Privileged Frontier Migrants in the Global South Africa

The Politics of Blood:
Frontier Migration to China, India and South Africa
in a Changing Global Economy