Homo sum: humani nil
a me alienum puto

"Discussing the forthcoming US elections with Ayabonga Cawe on Metro FM," 2 November, 2020

Lecture: "Covid-19: Spatial Inequality is the Super Spreader." Architectural History and Theory Talks, University of Johannesburg, 1 September, 2020

Owing to the coronavirus (you may have heard a little something about that), all talks are happening online and are open to anyone. 

Zoom meeting ID: 990 039 7159
Email htayob@uj.ac.za for the password. Recording available here

"Discussing the police killings of George Floyd in the US and Collins Khosa in South Africa with Ayabonga Cawe on Metro FM," 1 June, 2020

"Borders, Covid-19 and the Global Depression 2.0," 19 May, 2020. Virtual launch of special issue of New Global Studies, 30 Years of Borders since Berlin.  Recording available here

       A few weeks before the arrival of Covid-19, we published a special issue on borders and                       globalization.  With the global pandemic, border-thinking is on steroids.  Countries, regions

       and cities have all rushed to close borders.  The world’s extreme inequities are laid bare.  What           will happen next?

       Chair: Pier Paolo Frassinelli (University of Johannesburg)

       Speakers: Melissa Tandiwe Myambo (University of the Witwatersrand), Patrick Bond (University of         the Western Cape), Bruce Mutsvairo (Auburn University), Bryonny Goodwin-Hawkins (Aberystwyth         University)

       Respondents: Olivia Rutazibwa (University of Portsmouth), Layla Brown-Vincent (University of               Massachusetts, Boston)

​​"Discussing Trump and Africa relations with Ayabonga Cawe on Metro FM," 29 January, 2020

"Discussing inequality with Ayabonga Cawe on Metro FM," 18 November, 2019

"Does crossing national borders entail less friction than crossing socio-economic boundaries?" at Border Trouble: Moving Through, Between, Within, and Beyond History and Anthropology, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, London, UK, 19 June, 2019

Colloquium: "Racial Capitalism," Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey, USA, 16 May, 2019

Book Launch: Reversing Urban Inequality in Johannesburg, Johannesburg Institute for Advanced Study, Invite hereJo'burg, South Africa, 14 May, 2019

"#Afropunk, Global Citizen Festival and Class(ist) Borders: Cultural Time Zones of Musical Migrations," Mellon Workshop on Spatial Typologies and the Built Environment: Navigating African Urban Landscapes, WISER, Johannesburg, South Africa, 5-7 May, 2019

"Urban Transformations: Imagining a traditional-modern African City?,"  African Studies Association Annual Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 1-3 December, 2018

​"Panel discussion with South Africa Cities Network and contributors from Reversing Urban Inequality in Johannesburg," (my avatar was there), Jozi Book Fair, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2 September, 2018

"Cultural Time Zones of Global Hipsterification: Brooklyn, Delhi, Jo’burg," Visualising Spatial Injustice and Exploitation Symposium, Centre for Film and Media Research, University of Kent, UK, 8 June, 2018

"Cultural Cartography: WhatsApp, Airbnb, Uber, Netflix and other virtual CTZs in the Networked City," Wits City Institute, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, 23 May, 2018

"Class, xenophobia and xenophilia: Migrant experience in Jo’burg’s diverse CTZs," Wits City Institute, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, 18 April, 2018

"Invisible Borders: Cultural Time Zones in Johannesburg and New Delhi," Online version of an art exhibition I curated, click here to see a few of the images, 7 December, 2017

"Podcast for Par Desi on Frontier Migration: Part I,"  11 November, 2017 

"Cultural Displacement: Economic stories of global gentrification and hipsterification
in the n
eoliberal now," The Legal Aid Society, Community Development Project, Harlem, New York City, USA, 21 September, 2017

Reading excerpts from {Parenthesis}, a chapbook for charity, to raise money for Mercy Meals & More, a non-profit that supports those in need, Celia's Boutique, New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA, 10 August, 2017

"Rethinking (National) Borders and Cultural Distance in an Unevenly Developed Globalscape,” 2017 African Literature Association annual conference, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, USA, 14-17 June, 2017

“Cultural Time Zones:  The ‘Global’ Corporate World, Social Capital and Multiculturalism (not just Multiracialism)," Change Partners, Johannesburg, South Africa, 6 June, 2017

"Red Velvet Cake in Maboneng, Pap and Steak in Jeppestown: Let’s talk Global Hipsterification,”  What does spatial transformation mean? Possibilities for a more equitable, livable Johannesburg, Johannesburg Institute for Advanced Study, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2 June, 2017

“‘Global’ Cultural Time Zones: Unequal access to place theorized through an expansion of Pierre Bourdieu’s notion of cultural capital,” Johannesburg Institute for Advanced Study, Johannesburg, South Africa, 10 May, 2017

"Women's March on New York City," one of the many marches to protest Donald Trump, his administration, his intolerance... I will not be speaking here.  I will be shouting.  Hope to see you there!  New York City, USA, 21 January, 2017

"Frontier (Heritage) Migration to India in 2016," Delhi Wednesday Community, Gurgaon, India, 30 November, 2016



"Frontier Heritage Migrants Finding Home in Globalising India,” International Conference on Global Migration: Rethinking Skills, Knowledge and Culture, New Delhi, India, 26 - 27 November, 2016

“Chick Lit and the New South Africa, the New India and Globalising China,” Seminar on Chick Lit in a time of African Cosmopolitanism, WISER, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, 27 October, 2016

“Global and Local Cultural Time Zones: Uneven Development, Critical Geography and Nested Micro-Spaces,”
ACL(x) conferenceExtra-Disciplinarity, Penn State University, Pennsylvania, USA, 22 – 24 September, 2016


"India, the New Promised Land?  Post-1990 Frontier and Heritage Migration," Centre for Indian Studies in Africa, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, 3 December, 2015 

"Global Gentrification?  Hipster Los Angeles in Johannesburg," Skid Row History Museum & Archive, Los Angeles, California, US, 14 May, 2015

"Opening Remarks," 2nd Annual International Institute Graduate Student Conference, University of California, Los Angeles, California, US, 17 April, 2015 


"New Genres of Neoliberal Globalization? Return and Heritage Migrant Narratives," American University in Cairo, Cairo, Egypt, 8 March, 2015


“Shopping for Cultural Capital at the Mall in The White Tiger: Cultural Time Zones of the Globalizing City,” University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, 6 March, 2015


“Heritage Migration: Capitalism, Democracy and the American Dream House in South Africa,” University of Johannesburg, Johannesburg, South Africa, 5 March, 2015 


“'Johannesburg is the New York City of the African Continent': Frontier Migration and the American Dream in South Africa,” University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, 4 March, 2015


“What country is this? We Need New Names and the Cultural Time Zones of Uneven Development,” Stellenbosch University, Stellenbosch, South Africa, 2 March, 2015


"Frontier Migrants in the Globalizing City: Strategies of Emplacement," Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa, 27 February, 2015


“Frontier Migration, Xenophilia and Xenophobia: Navigating South Africa’s Multiple Cultural Time Zones,” University of Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa, 23 February, 2015